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Volunteering with Witney Talking News

As a small charity funded entirely by donations, WTN rely solely on our dedicated band of volunteers for 100% of its activity.

There are a number of areas in which volunteers work:

Reading the news

The most public role, four volunteers (2 male and 2 female) give around one hour on a Thursday night to be the voice of the news. These are drawn from a pool of readers and each reads approximately once a month.


There are 6 editors who work on a rota basis collecting news, forming it into a coherent hour of audio and adding in notices, reflections, articles, a quiz and announcements to make each edition. The editor also announces and presents each edition. All editors are drawn from our pool of readers to ensure they have the necessary experience.

Recording Technicians

There are 6 recording technicians who on a rota basis; set up and operate the digital recording equipment, produce a master of each session and then pack all the technical equipment away at the end.

Administration Team

The unsung and hidden heroes of any operation, these dedicated people usually on a rota of teams of three empty 100 plus velcro sealed pouches of memory sticks, prepare the pouches for return posting, keep records, track comments, donations and all manner of other tasks.

Copying and Packing teams

Working in pairs on a rota basis these are the night owls of the service, arriving at the end of the recording session to take the master edition and duplicate it 100 plus times on our high speed copying equipment and pack each of those memory sticks into a pouch prepared by the admin team earlier in the evening. The pouches are then taken to the post point for collection and free delivery by Royal Mail.


There are a small group of DBS cleared people who visit listeners in their homes at the point they join the service to demonstrate the playback device. They will also visit when necessary at any time listeners have problems with the service and offer support and advice.

All other tasks are done by people drawn from these groups or the committee.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us using the contact page detailing which role you are interested in. Please note that direct applications for editorial roles or visitors are rarely considered as these are usually bestowed on experienced volunteers.

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