Listen Online

There are several ways to listen to Witney Talking News on-line and all three will work just as well on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet and have been tested on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone/iPad. The three options are described in detail below.

If you are visually impaired then there are two further options available with the support of the British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) who carry our service both on their specially designed SonataPlus internet radio device and also on their new Bumblebee app. For details of these services please see the BWBF webpage.

So what are the options available to everyone?

Streaming Playlists

Updated in the early hours of Friday morning, this option gives you exactly the same experience as receiving a USB stick in the post in that the player will present around 30 tracks (depending on the edition) and you can skip tracks back and forward just like with our playback units.

Full details of how to do this are on the streaming playlists guide.

Editions remain available in this format for only 6 weeks and only the latest magazine is available at any given time.


Updated each Friday morning shortly after 7am our podcast feed contains both the weekly editions and magazines in a single feed. Simply subscribe to the feed using your favourite podcast app with the link below.

If you use iTunes then use the special iTunes link (itpc:// for an easier setup.

The feed contains the latest 10 publications but depending on the software you use publications may be retained after they are removed from the feed.

There are too many different podcast apps for us to provide detailed instructions for each one, but each will have some form of help or instructions, just search for the name of the app you use and "subscribe by url".

Amazon Alexa

You can listen to the Witney Talking News podcast through any Amazon Alexa enabled device.  Before you listen for the first time you must enable the AnyPod skill by saying:

Alexa, enable AnyPod skill

Thereafter to listen simply say:

Alexa, ask AnyPod to play Witney Talking News

There are a number of commands to play the previous editions etc and those can be found in the AnyPod manual.

Listen on the website

Using our archive is probably the easiest way to listen online, and once here publications remain here indefinitely. Updated every Friday morning just after 7am GMT the latest edition is always available on the front page of the website or via this link

Our full archive is available at or from any page on our site look for the "Categories" section and then choose either "Weekly Editions" or "Magazines" and then choose which you'd like to listen to. Unlike the streaming playlists these are contained in a single MP3 file and so it is not possible to skip directly to the next track.

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