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Long standing volunteer leaves

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On Tuesday, 20th September 2016, the committee held a coffee morning at our Chairman’s house to say goodbye to Jane Holmes. Jane has been a volunteer for WTN for over 30 years, and has been involved in every aspect of our activities, including Chair, reading and editing. She was also Editor-in-Chief of our magazines for some years, and was responsible for producing many superb editions.

Jane edited her final weekly edition on 15th September 2016, and will shortly be moving from Witney. She will be greatly missed, and we wish her and her husband Barry every happiness in their new home in Devon.

Jane has supplied her own reflection for inclusion:

“Just over 30 years I read in The Witney Gazette, that volunteers were needed for The Talking newspaper. Not knowing what a Talking Newspaper actually was, I decided to find out.

Many weeks later I was given a ‘reading test’, by the Chairman at that time, Tony Barringer, who accepted me as a reader. Thank you Tony for introducing me to a wonderful organisation which is so useful to so many people.

I have enjoyed being part of WTN and all the different tasks I have taken part in over the years. It has been a total pleasure, I wish WTN well in future years. I will not say ‘goodbye’ but ‘farewell’, as I hope to be in contact with you all from time to time.

Finally, I say a big ‘Thank you’ to Peter, and the WTN Committee and Magazine members and all my fellow volunteers, for continued friendship, encouragement and support.”

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