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Thank you Hailey village

Witney Talking News would like to thank the generous people of Hailey village who donated the sum of £576.10 during a recent jumble sale.

Alan Bailey, well known to listeners as a reader on both the regular weekly news editions and magazines, who coordinated the event on behalf of WTN wrote: "The dear lady in our village who does such sterling work raising money for good causes, is Ann Evans. Together with her husband Philip and many stalwart helpers, they run "Grand Jumble Sales" in Hailey village hall and sometimes in the Church. She asked if I would give her a name of an organisation that I would like to nominate for monetary help from the May sale. The Witney Talking News seemed a very good cause to name so I set up the publicity display on Saturday morning and manned the stall from 1-45pm until about 4-15pm. I hope we get a number of new people who will benefit from WTN, as I gave out quite a significant number of brochures and information verbally. A great day was had by one and all, including me!"

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