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Grant Awards News

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We’ve had an amazing start to 2023 due to the kindness of four grant-awarding community funds.

Our first award came in early January from the Brian Crawford Trust, then in February we received a donation from the Bartlett Taylor Trust. In March came two grants in quick succession, one from the Witney Town Council and the second from Witney Town Charity.

WTN is staffed entirely by volunteers and no charges are made for the service we provide; our income for the period 01/10/21 to 30/09/22 was just over £300 (mainly through gifts from our listeners), but our operating costs exceed £2500 annually.

The generosity of these four trusts will ensure another year of providing the WTN news service to the visually-impaired in the local community.

If you too would like to make a donation to WTN, just go to

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